Blocking Views

    Blocking views …..

     I’d like your opinion.

     In our town, every condo, or every building above one story tall, blocks someones’ view of something. And that makes someone very unhappy.
     The latest view-blocking proposal, that passed the Planning and Zoning Board last Wednesday, was no exception.
     It is called the Galleria Landings, and all the speakers said it was beautiful, even the group that opposed it.

              The group that opposed the application before the Planning and Zoning Board were the residents of the condo just to the south, the East Point Towers.


      East Point Towers was built in the 1970’s, and the irony is that it surely blocked someones’ view went it was built back then.

     Views mean quality of life – and – property values, and I understand why they would oppose the new building next door.  Here is the current view out the window of an East Point Tower condo window today –


     Residents of East Point have said things like

          .   “the size of the building is truly shocking”
                 ” it will become our view”
                 ” it is absurdly out of character with the neighborhood”

                   – what do you think?



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