Shippey House Finished !

…. I was beginning to wonder whether this 100 year old house, one of the very oldest remaining in the city, would ever get finished with its renovations.



…….  this is the house as it was in 1916, the home of the infamous second Judge of Broward, Judge Shippey   …. he was the “marrying Judge”, actually married Tarzan in the house ( no, not to Jane).



……  this is the house being relocated to the historic district, about 5 years ago ….it was in very bad shape!



… as it arrived to its new home, in very bad shape,  in the historic district ..



…. i hear there were hundreds of thousands of dollars, and boodles of volunteer hours, spent moving, renovating, landscaping, furnishing etc…. ( second photo  is Jessica, a social worker who moved here from New York,  just in time to help with the landscaping !)



…..  yes, that’s me on left  – chief landscaping volunteer, with house nearly complete



…..   and here is the ribbon cutting, all big-shots smiling, proving that the effort was a success!

…………… congrats to us all ! ( and thanks to Cal Deal,for all his photos)






6 Replies to “Shippey House Finished !”

  1. Dear Tim:
    that Judge Shippey will be remembered and that this historic gem can be admired once again.

    Diane Smart

    (from DC)

  2. I got to hand it to you Tim, when you get involved things get done. Meetings after meetings about this house. I was not a supporter ,regardless u got it done. Its funny though our police officers can’t even get there justified, warranted cola raises but we can salvage and restore old homes. Again, congrats but our police get names called at them. Union director outed for his illness(along w/ Ron Book-what is wrong w/ Brittany Wallman-oh she ran to me when they went after her about her husbands indiscretions etc, but to violate someone’ hippa rights is wrong-she took the discovery down,so noted ). Also there is plenty of work to do Tim. Keep up the good work. As far as the police. U will get your raises. You will not be harasses by gadflies at city hall. You will not wait in traffic . Bridged will stay down during rush hours. No more dev. East of Federal. City manager booted.Aging pipes will be fixed. McKenzie outed(bye-bye) for not living in district.Advisory bds.history. That’s what Robert Walsh will be running on. I will run. Sue me. I will prevail. I don’t need Trump. I don’t need ‘The Grand wizard” . I don’t need comm.Trantalis. What I need is u the residents. Charlotte Rodstrom, Bruce Roberts follow my lead…..

  3. I’m very happy to see the project finished finally, and I know there was little help from our Leaders!! So what else is new. They don’t seem to get that there are plenty of people who would come here to learn about the history of our city but we need something left to show them!!

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