…the day after, the DAY AFTER !

…. it is the day after,the day after  ……


…. and many of us are feeling a tad sad, depressed, maybe even despondent ..  (see above)  …..

……. but  my sister in law just shared with me the following insightful Chinese Parable, and my mood may be changing!  …. I hope you get the same message I did!


    …………..   the Chinese Parable, ….. the Chinese farmer’s horse



………  one day , a chinese farmer’s horse ran away   ……  the farmer’s neighbors  came around to console the farmer and they all said to the farmer –


chinesefarmer4 your horse is gone,  ….”isn’t that terrible?  …..


chinesefarmer2   …… but  strangely,  the farmer said ” MAYBE” …….


chinesehorserun …….  the next morning, the farmer’s horse returned with a herd of wild horses … now, the farmer had lots of horses   …


chinesefarmer1……   another neighboring farmer saw all the bounty of the free herd  of horses arriving  and said to the farmer – “ isn’t that wonderful”  ?



chinesefarmer2   ….but strangely,   the farmer again said “MAYBE” 


……. the next morning, the farmer’s son went out to break the wild horses, but instead, one of the wild horses threw the son off the horse and broke his leg !


chinesebroken  … all the  concerned neighbors came by  to say… “isn’t that terrible?”


chinesefarmer2  … as you might now guess,……  and again, and surely most strangely, the farmer calmly said“MAYBE”……….


……  and just then, the Chinese army came by, looking for young recruits to conscript for war, but they couldn’t  take the Chinese farmer’s son due to the newly broken leg  !


chinesefarmer2      …….    the wise farmer



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  1. It’s all a beautiful thing, the sun came up (as someone suggested it would), we again learned the process is rigged (Trump IS right) as the Voice of the American People was once again silenced by the Electoral College, and our system of checks and balances is sure to do a good job of keeping us safe (especially seeing we have a “do-nothing” congress) no matter what sort of nonsense comes along. The financial markets didn’t implode, Putin is now talking (that is how Reagan got things moving, by talking) and hopefully those talks will go in the right direction. I hope we don’t get stuck spending billions more to repeal the healthcare initiative, people are fed up but should remember, we had the last 8 years to be working on fixes and making things work better, but a large part of our government not only didn’t participate they worked against it, against the American people. Be upset with congress, these are the people that had the power to do something and did nothing. We need to think outside the box (though this is a bit extreme as our government is not a reality show but we tuned in anyway) we are probably going to get some crazy and some not so crazy solutions to problems… and the system of checks and balances should keep us all safe nevertheless. And maybe we need some crazy ideas to fix things, we’ll see. After this choice between two candidates that nobody seemed to like, I dream people will now focus on a third party/people that better represents We the People in the area around the center instead of the polar divide we have now. Best of all; we live in the greatest nation on earth! We have the right to have an opinion, vote and maybe be part of the process…. and if you didn’t particularly like this outcome or if thing go a bit sideways, you know what? Let me talk you off the ledge here, ’cause it’ll all be alright…eventually…. because it is our privilege and right to go through this entire, horrifying process again in just just four years!

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