Sculpture Replacement !

     13th Street, Fort Lauderdale….. 

     You remember (because I never let you forget!) , that 13th Street, Fort Lauderdale, is trying to make itself over. The street was once a thriving area where Canadian tourists stayed during the winter.

     Then came crack cocaine !


     Drugs moved in, good folks moved out!

     But it’s finally a new day on 13th Street. The new association, led by dynamo Katherine Barry, are beginning to turn the area around. New owners are buying up the buildings, crime is on the run, and a new government-backed Community Redevelopment Association is in place.

     The street got pricey African sculptures placed in the wide medians last summer, but as with all progress, a small set-back came when a sleeping motorist plowed into one of the sculptures. What was once a $35,000 Zimbabwian sculpture, became a worthless little unrecognizable stub.

     But some good came of it, interestingly, many credit the sculpture with saving the sleeping motorist by stopping her before she headed into oncoming traffic!

                                                           Here’s the little stub

                                                                      little stub

      And the association got really lucky also. The motorist was insured by State Farm, who did the right thing and paid for a replacement sculpture.

                                                         Here’s the new one !

                                                        new cactus head sculpture

     New landscaping and painting of the base comes this week. With any luck, this one stays for a long time!~

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