Reconsidering Frugal Jim

     In my last musing, I shared some thoughts about the upcoming Tuesday election. I even had the audacity to do a little endorsing.

     Well, no good deed goes unpunished, and I heard from one of the candidate’s supporters that I did not endorse.

     The call was about local infamous lawyer and perpetual candidate Jim Lewis.

       Jim became famous when he represented    
                                                                                                             child, child killer Lionel Tate

     The caller asked me to consider the following strong points about Lewis,

     1.) Lewis doesn’t take any money from lobbyists, idealogue, partisans – actually no one! 

     2.) Lewis wants to reform the bloated, overwhelmed crime and punishment system by legalizing


     3.) Lewis is the most fiscally conservative of the candidates. Some proof of that is made by the two pictures below.

                                 Lewis’s sign in a field of sign blight 


                            Lewis proof that he knows how to save on sign lumber costs!


           Note:  the sign buried underneath Lewis’s sign is for Judge Skolnik who won re-election last August   ……..

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