Rynerson’s Campaign Kick-Off

     Yesterday’s campaign kick-off, in a stark side room in the public library, devoid of any balloons, banners, not even the lonely appetizer, was a fitting metaphor for the Earl Rynerson Mayoral campaign’s message –

     cut the budget – slash the fat – bring down taxes!


      This is Rynerson’s second effort at the mayoral post, coming in third in his first go round in 2009.

     He has been roundly criticizing current Mayor Jack Seiler, and the city’s budget since then, using his blog – a better ft. lauderdale


     Rynerson said yesterday that he doesn’t expect to be able to compete with Seiler in the conventional sense, so he is building his campaign on door to door canvessors, phone calls, his 11,000 e-mail addresses, and Social Media – Facebook and Twitter.

     There were something less than 50 attendees at the kick-off, who listened intently as Rynerson went over a chart showing the City’s budget over the last 10 years, drawing attention to the substantial overall budget increases during those years from 335 million in 2003 to 635 million this year.

    Victoria Park residents ( Rynerson lives there) were the biggest contingent of the attendees, but there was a smattering of community leaders from some other neighborhoods in the city.



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