City Attorney About To Depart?

     Rumors circling today that long- time Fort Lauderdale City Attorney Harry Stewart is about to retire.


     Well, I just reached Harry, and here’s what he said – 

     “I’m going to give it [his retirement] some thought over the holidays, and I should have an answer for you by about Jan. 5th”, Stewart said.

     Stewart has served with three Fort Lauderdale City Managers, and has served four different City Commissions.

     Stewart is probably the city’s highest paid employee, at over $350,000, salary and benefits, but is also widely viewed as one of the most experienced and seasoned City Attorneys in the state.

     The rumor also had it that some of the other high ranking attorneys in his office would also be leaving, but Stewart wouldn’t comment on that. I haven’t been able to verify that as of now.


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