Romney Super PAC Trashes Jackie Scott

     You’re probably wondering why the Mitt Romney Super PAC would be in Fort Lauderdale trashing District IV candidate Jackie Scott?

     They’re not …  It’s worse than that… 

   ….. it’s the City Commissioner Romney Rogers Super Trashing PAC!

     This trashing PAC, which cannot be traced until after the election, has been sending very negative campaign mailers against Scott the last few days.

    Here is the first one – and it’s pretty lame!


     It’s obvious that the negative bombardment is tied to Rogers, and his supporters, but Rogers just says “I haven’t seen it”. Then he adds –  “it’s legal”.

     And despicable I say! . It’s a dirty trick that some campaigns use when they are worried about the opposition. Instead of sending out a personal attack against their opponent themselves, it’s outsourced to a shadowy group, usually made up of big fat cats, lobbyists, and the like.

     Apparently, the Rogers camp is worried. And if they have to resort to these kinds of tactics, maybe we should be too!

    The election is Tuesday.


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