District I Commission Race Endorsement

     For those of you that thought that the Fort Lauderdale City Commission elections were finished ….


think again !

     We have two races left, District I and District IV, and they are on Tuesday, March 13th.

Mayor Jack Seiler and Commissioner Charlotte Rodstrom were re-elected in primaries on January 31st, and District III Commissioner Bobby Dubose was re-elected without opposition.

Today, we’ll talk about my District I endorsement.

     District I is the loneliest, yet wealthiest District!
     Some of the district stretches way up north, where few Fort Lauderdalians roam, and many would think they were in Pompano! It also includes the very important Galt Ocean Mile, Coral Ridge (where the Mayor lives), Imperial Point, Bay Colony ( where Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas lived), and neighborhoods along the Commercial  Blvd. corridor.

     In this District race, I heartily endorse the incumbent, Bruce Roberts.

     I have been very impressed with Robert’s service these last three years. He is often the voice of calm and moderation on the Commission,

                                                 calming the masses


     and he doesn’t talk too much!
     The one exception to that calmness occurred when he had his chance to pay back former City Manager George Gretsas for his “suffocating management ” of the City.

                                       Gretsas…You’re Fired!

     Roberts is a Republican, and is proud of the City’s “no tax increases” policy.

    He is leading the City’s negotiations on the difficult 911 (communications) talks, and is often deferred to on Public Safety matters (being the former Police Chief).

     And looking at his latest campaign flyer photo,

      he is also proud of what he looked like ten years ago!

Roberts’ competition is architect Mary Graham.


     Graham is quite bright, and follows the City’s politics closely. Roberts would be smart to appoint Graham to a City Board.


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