Rodstrom … Wyman …. hmmmm…

     It came as quite a surprise to me, probably most.


     Scott Wyman, long time, solid political reporter for the Sun-Sentinel, has done a total change-up, and instead of reporting on the doings of Fort Lauderdale Commissioner Charlotte Rodstrom, he’ll soon be working as her personal aide!


     Rodstrom is by most accounts a tough boss. She might also be the hardest working Commissioner. Leaders in her District aren’t surprised to get calls and e-mails late into the evenings and on weekends, and she seems to have burned through assistants like cord wood!

      And now Wyman will be signing on as her fourth assistant in 6 years.

     Her first assistant was Amber Van Buren, who now works as a manager at Art Serve. When Van Buren left, rumors circulated that Van Buren would talk about bad feelings with Rodstrom, but that never came about.

     Then there was Paul Falcone.

     Falcone was a former teacher of Rodstrom’s son John at St. Thomas Aquinas. Falcone only lasted months, and the rumors of a stormy employment relationship surfaced again. I called Falcone then, who told me to call him in a “a few weeks” after things cooled down, but he wouldn’t ever take my call after that.

     Then came Neesa Warlen. 
     The Warlen appointment drew some criticism due to the high salary she was paid by Rodstrom. Warlen made over $70,000 per year, while Mayor Seiler and the other Commissioners pay their aides in the $60,000 range.

     Warlen lasted a few years, and I’ve only heard that she is leaving to “spend more time with her family”.

     Wyman is a true professional, and a good catch by Rodstrom. I had a short conversation with him today, and he sounds really excited – ready for a new adventure! …

    I bet it will be one!

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