John Rodstrom/ term limits, and the book!

 I think you will enjoy this story …..

      ….  County Commissioner John Rodstrom  …..


Rodstrom’s the only County Commissioner who opposes term limits, and is the only Commissioner that says if his friend Bill Scherer can get them overturned at the Florida Supreme Court, he might ignore the will of the people, and go ahead and run for another term anyhow.

     I’ve been talking to Rodstrom, trying to convince him to change his mind, but not really getting anywhere   … so …. 

     this crazy thing happened this morning !

     I decided to take John a book by well known conservative George F. Will, called “Restoration“. The book is George Will’s convincing case for Term Limits.  

     Rodstrom used to be head of the Young Republicans, so I figured he might give Will’s book a look.

     I drove down to the County building, put a quarter in the meter, and checked in with the guard.


      I showed him the book, and he said, that’s good, that’s good, and handed me my entry badge.

     I walked up to the County Commission hallway, usually jammed with lobbyists, but empty this morning. I figured that meant no Commissioners were home.

     I took this picture in case Rodstrom wasn’t in to take the book.


     I was right, John wasn’t in. I left the book with the desk, and asked that they get it to Rodstrom.

     I went to work.

     When I stopped home for lunch, a package was in front of my door, delivered by Comet Delivery Services, hand delivered

     Yep, it was the book. And a letter from the County Attorney!


the letter is signed by Joni Armstrong Coffey, County Attorney.

     It says “Vice Mayor Rodstrom has made the decision not to accept such gifts“!

     It goes on to say that “leaving an item at the front desk… would not constitute acceptance of an offered gift”.

     I’m almost speechless   ….. almost!


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