Where Does Robert McKinzie Really Live?

Robert McKinzie is slated to be sworn in as a Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner on Monday.




Or maybe not! …. A lawsuit has been filed to stop that, saying that McKinzie does not live in the District, and therefore does not qualify to be a Fort Lauderdale District III Commissioner. The emergency hearing will most probably be heard prior to the swearing in time on Monday.

So, I decided to play detective this rainy Sunday morning and go try to find out if McKinzie lives in District III, or not –

First, I had to have some breakfast, so I headed out to the best soul food restaurant in the city for some breakfast!



Betty’s Soul Food restaurant  on Sistrunk …. Scrambled eggs, polish sausage, and collards ! ….. yummm!

Then it was over to 505 NW 19th Avenue  …… That address is in the District, and is the address that McKinzie put on his application to be appointed the temporary District III Commissioner seat ( to fill the Commissioner Bobby Dubose seat, since he got elected to a State Representative spot on Nov. 4th) . The race to fill the District III seat permanently, will take place  at the regularly scheduled City Elections in March.

The lawsuit says McKinzie does not really live at 505, and  the Property Appraiser lists McKinzie and wife Deberina as homesteaders on a $444,000 house in Plantation in Plantation Golf Estates.

The house McKinzie  claims to be living in at 505 is valued at $68,000. Here it is –



After my collards, I knocked on this door. No one was home .Truthfully, it was a tidy little house, but didn’t look very lived in. All the blinds were closed shut, so you couldn’t see if it was properly furnished etc. In the front were these old signs –



The signs say McKinzie for County Commission, which McKinzie ran for years ago ….  So I couldn’t tell definitively  if he lives there or not, …..  but either way, he should probably be disqualified for this next picture – the yard art in the front yard-




Now that’s tacky!  …. But maybe I’ll go back later today, maybe first thing in the morning, all inquiring minds want to know-


 Where does Robert McKinzie really live ??

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  1. The vote should be re consider and Tabled until the City can confirm he is living in a Fort Lauderdale another Press Nightmare coming ! If they do not do it right I wonder if Bob Norman knows ?

  2. There must be lots of other people in the Northwest section of Fort Laiderdale who would be great leaders. No need to import a person who thinks he is above the people who he seeks to represent. This will be a continuing problem. I would never vote for this guy. Keep going by his house Tim.

  3. Here’s what McKinzie told the CIty Commission:
    “I was living in Plantation. I purchased that house to run for County Commissioner…..Often times, people seek jobs and when you’re seeking a job you have to transition your families. But no one purchases a house before they get a job. I’ve purchased houses on several occasions before I got the job and that’s my commitment to this community.” Some would define this as the conduct of a Carpetbagger.

    My common sense is asking why a happily married guy would pack up his wife and four kids (or leave them for that matter) to move from a 3500sf waterfront house in a golf course community to a 900sf house at Sistrunk and 19th – so he could get a $30K per year job?

    McKinzie and his wife claim their 5br/3ba house in Plantation as their homestead. That is also the address McKiinzie’s Contractor License is registered. The house on NW 19 Ave. is a 2br/1ba. That is where he moved his Harper & Sons “Corporate Headquarters” last spring (oops – forgot to tell the License Board he moved his business hq). McKinzie is listed in State records as the VP of the Tropical Way Homeowners Association.

    He seems like a really nice guy, but he appears to be a resident in the CIty of Plantation.

  4. Think very closely about who voted for Mr. Kinizie.
    And ask yourself why? We the citizens, will pay for legal on this issue.
    I do not Know this gentleman, but this residence issue is the law.

    Glad to see people understanding that we are one city and congratulation on the new 13th st coffee house.

  5. Been knowing Robert for many years. He’s was a really nice guy until he started fabricating his place of residence. He lives in a fabulous house with the wife (who by the way is a medical doctor). If you look on the Broward County Property Appraiser’s website, he owns several properties. All have the same mailing address of 1119 E Tropical Way, Plantation,FL . Now, why would he have the same mailing addresses for all of those properties? And if he lies about where he lives……..What else would he lie about? Making himself untrustworthy from the start. Some people would do anything to be in politics.

  6. David,
    I’d like to start by saying that it’s unfortunate for someone to start off saying that you have known Robert for many years and that you now question his integrity and truthfulness due to your lack ability to not validate the facts about his place of residence. Secondly, his medical doctor wife has a name which is Deberenia and yes, this is the one statement that you have validated.

    Here are a couple of facts that if you have known Robert and Deberenia as we have for many years, you would have known 1) Robert is a contractor/business owner with an extremely strong work ethic, 2) Is an amazing father to his children who he has raised to be very respectful and noble, 3) Robert is devoted to serving in his community, and finally and most importantly to assist with your invalidated facts about his residence, 4) I AM a neighbor at 1080 East Tropical Way (directly across the street from the East Tropical Way residence address in question) and have not seen Robert at that residence since the beginning of the year.

    David, in an effort to assist you in your pursuit and failed efforts to validate your points about Robert McKinzie, I would task you to speak with any of my neighbors about the last time Robert resided in his East Tropical Way home. You would again fail in your attempts to defame and discredit a very good man and that of his family.

    It’s been a pleasure. 🙂


    Julie Hauser

    P.S. Please feel free to validate my address on the property appraiser website.

    1. Am I the only one who sees the odd dichotomy here……… McKinzie “is an amazing father to his children” but his neighbor “has not seen Robert at that residence since the beginning of the year”……….. that makes me even more curious to know how this all works…

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