Pull Up Yo Pants !!

     Maybe some sanity is peeking through!

     On Sunday, May 10th (Mother’s Day), there will be a rather unique rally at the Flea Market on Oakland Park Boulevard from 1 to 4 p.m…

     It’s the Pull up Your Pants rally, sponsored by a group of mostly African American Grandparents, that are sick and tired of seeing their young men walking the streets flashing their undies.

         You know the look that has been all the rage. Pull your pants down as far as you can get them without them falling to your ankles. Some medical professional are even worried that it is beginning to make some youths bowlegged.

                                                 The fad is so endemic in the youth counter culture (moslty African American,but not exclusively) that the baggy pantsers even have an odd understanding. If they are in a street brawl, and pants start-a-falling, a “time-out” is called so the drooper can reinstall his drawers!


             But, as Dylan reflected years ago, times they are – a – changing! …. Some of the turn-around can be credited to ….

                            …… President Barack Obama, who last fall counseled the sagging britches youths, in an MTV interview, that the “brothers ought to pull up their pants”. 

     Maybe it’s catching on. Plantation High School recently had a “
No Saggin Pants Day”, and their Principal handed out belts, donated by Wal-Mart,  to those in violations. They explained to the youth that the fad needed to go, that “UNDER” wear was called underwear for a reason.

     Next thing you know, face jewelry will go dinosaur !!

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