Political Paybacks?

     Politics is an ugly business, and Tuesday’s Fort Lauderdale’s City Commission meeting might have some of that on display! Read on!

     [The Latin root of the word says it all – Poli (meaning many), and tics (blood sucking insects)! A few years back, one poll, asking which professions were admired most, rated politicians nearly last, behind Used Car Salesmen!]

                              Here’s what might be expected Tuesday

     …. People that even occasionally follow politics, know this woman –



                                                     Judy Stern!

     Stern is a political consultant. She’s known as the bad girl of political consulting, using some rather rough techniques to get her candidates elected. If you’re running for office, and your picture shows up inside a slice of baloney, it’s probably a Stern!

     Anyhow, you might remember that Stern, and her long time political family, the Rodstroms, had a falling out recently.

     And Charlotte Rodstrom, in a move that surprised even many hardened political watchers – failed to reappoint Stern to a coveted position on the City’s Charter Review Board!

     But here’s the kicker – this Tuesday, Stern is expected to go right back on the Board, but not as Rodstrom’s appointment – as

                                           Commissioner Romney Rogers’

                 ……  Any comments??



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