How Rodstrom’s Seat Gets Filled, and by Whom?

     Seems to be some confusion out there about how the Fort Lauderdale City Commission seat, currently held by  Charlotte Rodstrom, will be filled.


      Here’s how I think it goes –

     Rodstrom had to step down from her City seat to run for her husbands’ County seat, but the resignation from the City seat is not effective until the day she officially starts at the County, November 19th. (that’s if she wins the seat – more on that in a minute))

     On November 19th, the clock starts running, as the City Charter says there must be an election within 60 days to fill an open seat. The Charter also says that there has to be a primary first – if there are more than two people running ( which there probably will be).

    There’s a problem with that though – the Charter says that the General Election (the run-off election,  which sports the top two vote getters from the primary) takes place two weeks after the Primary Election, and the Supervisor of Elections is apparently saying that you can’t have the General Election two weeks after the Primary Election, as that’s not enough time – she has to prepare absentee ballots, overseas ballots etc..

     So it’s looking like the Charter rules can’t be met to the letter, but that a General Election for that seat will take place as soon as is possible after the primary….

     So who is running?


     Former Commissioner Dean Trantalis has been meeting with lots of important people in the District, gauging support. Trantalis served only one term, saying he wanted more time for his private life.

     But after that, ( and the rumored break-up with his long time partner), Trantalis ran for Mayor when Jim Naugle was term limited. (Mayor Seiler won that race).

     And who else could possibly run?

     Well, respected former Beach President Steve Glassman’s name keeps coming up – and a handful of other District II leaders….

                                                          Including …


     Yup, Charlotte Rodstrom! The lawyers say that Rodstrom would be term-limited from running for a fourth term, but this race wouldn’t be her fourth term, just the rest of her third term!

     I’ve been calling, but no word yet from Rodstrom on whether she will consider re-running for her old seat should she lose the County race (which she probably won’t!)

              I’ll keep you posted –




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