ObamaCare Miracle

      It’s a miracle!


     I just went on the Affordable Care Act (ACA or ObamaCare) website, and it worked!

    Today was the day that they said the website would work, but I was not at all confident. I had gone on the site many times, for months, only to be hung up at one point or another in the site.

     I told you last month that I was trying to get a more affordable health plan for my family than the catastrophic plan I have with Blue Cross Blue Shield. We currently pay over $600 for a plan that only covers us if we meet up with a bus!


     I did find out last month ( by phone) that there was a plan that would cut our premiums in half on the ACA website, but until I saw it with my own eyes, I was not going to believe it.

     So this morning I fired up the ACA site and low and behold, there it was, working! The site had no glitches, sailed right through all the possible choices, asked me if I was read to enroll.

     I’m guessing this is what President Obama is feeling like this morning –


     Anyhow, I’ve been hearing by the detractors of the ACA, about sticker shock.

    They’ve been saying  that I would have it when I saw what would happen with my premiums, and I was, but in a very good way!

     The $600 + we now pay will be reduced by 50%, if we take the plan with a higher deductible, or $458 if we take a plan with a lower deductible than we now have. The company offering those is called Coventry Health Care, and both plans offer free Doctors visits (now I pay for all those).

     Maybe I ought to hit this enroll button now, before the site goes down !

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