Dean’s Defense

I’ve been looking into the ethics charges hurled at Commissioner Dean Trantalis by pit-bull lawyer Bill Scherer at last Tuesday’s City Commission meeting.

Scherer in action

Here’s the background

A developer, Enrique Colmenares, bought a parcel on the Fort Lauderdale beach to build a hi-rise hotel …….

………   he wanted to build this

..where this is……

So if you’re thinking that would be a rather tight fit, you would not be alone.

Even the traffic experts that looked at the proposal said silly things like “the bartenders might have to ride their bicycles to work”, and “the valet parkers will have to keep pocket change on hand” to put cars in City meters in a crunch”.

So the developers’ lawyer met with Commissioner Trantalis to gauge his opinion, and Trantalis reportedly told him it was too tight a fit, and the developer needed more land to accommodate the parking, etc.

here comes the ethics charge – follow closely !

     ……. Scherer says in the complaint  (filed with the State Ethics Board), that on the day the developer met with Trantalis, Trantalis’s former domestic partner, Richard G. Smith, called the developer’s attorney, Scott Backman. The complaint says Smith called to try and  buy the property away from the developer for one of his clients that was looking for a site on the beach for a restaurant from eXp Realty.


The complaint says Smith told Backman that he had been referred by Trantalis, that the Vintro would be denied, and asked if Colmenares would be interested in selling the property.

Trantalis calls it all poppycock, says he never referred Smith to Backman, says he doesn’t even believe the call by Smith to Backman was made on the same day he met with Backman.  He says if  the call was made on the same day that “it was at best a coincidence”. Trantalis says he knows that” sounds odd, but it is the truth”.

He says he remembers Smith telling him about his client’s interest in the beach property, but says after that he had no knowledge what happened with the deal until he saw his name on a LOI (letter of interest) as the attorney for Smith, and told Smith that “he could not be a part of it” and that his name “needed to come off”.

Smith says that what Trantalis says is all true, and that he never told Backman he was referred by Trantalis, that his actions were totally independent of Trantalis.

Just another chapter in ugly politics, they say.

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  1. The fly says; someone on the dais knows way more then he is letting on. Jack, will we find your chubby fingerprints on this?

  2. thee existing hotels on the beach do not want any more
    room occupancy right now is not sufficient to sustain them and a newer sleek boutique hotel
    not that they will halt them forever
    both the orion and irelands inn are slated for hotels
    that explains the no votes

  3. Ok. I am not buying what Trantalis is stating. Again throw his former partner rick Smith under the bus again. First when he stated to me that Rick hasn’t lived w/ him in years and that he did not know why Rick would do such a thing(vote). Really Dean. How about you knew it was going to be a close election and sent Rick down to vote, cause he was still registered to vote from the”love shack”(again where’s the 91 yr. old mother?). Now we throw Rick under the bus again. “I have no idea if Rick called Backman. I told every one that called me to call Backman. I don’t have anything to do w/ Mr.Smith. No, not much. So much you cancelled your domestic partnership , one, 30 days after your election, and two weeks after Smith “dials for dollars”(thank you Grand Wizard) You know damn well you call the shots Dean.the . Again Tim no way Trantalis did not orchestrate this whole scam. Oh I know ,political ambush. The key to all this is the buyer who Smith represented in buying the property. Possibly a friend Of Dean’s. Bottom line you got a lot of explaining to do. Alert to the gay community. Look how fast Comm.Trantalis stated basicly domestic partnerships are not valid. State of Fla. doesn’t validate it etc. Then why did you terminate yours On April 24, I believe. Well, ifs its basicly a joke. Yep Dino here thinks that the ethics rules etc do not apply to him because he likes the cockie instead. So in other words hetro’s who are married , that applies to you not me. Ok. Start packin……..

  4. There is always money involved when commissioners are against a project. What was stranger is all the foolish CBA members telling the same commission how a 12 story ugly building that looks like a box was compatible on a former tennis court.

    I am glad this is a matter for the state attorney,the truth will come out either way.

  5. “The Lady doth protest too much.” There must be some psychological reason for shitty activist Robert Walsh’s constant over the top rantings about Trantalis. Love affairs? Love triangles? Scorned love? What’s the real story behind these comments?

  6. Are you insinuating that because our former beach commissioner voted against most beach projects that there was somehow money involved? I am sure she voted her conscience and what she believed was best for the beach. I don’t like those accusations.

  7. Nice try, but that 12-story building will sit on an entire block (5 acres?) not a 100 x 125 foot postage stamp of a lot. You conveniently left that out in addition to the fact that along with that 12-story building (not ugly by the way) comes a restoration of a historic hotel that occupies 2/3 of the entire site (at two stories).
    Tell the truth.

  8. same reason why those on dais did NOT want a Hotel at the Aquatic Center
    competition for those newer upsacle hotels charging 400. a night
    those on dais answer to the beach business people
    don’t be fooled and stupid
    althought roberts was ready to approve this on Tuesday
    wonder what stopped the yes vote? a text message? note from feldman?

  9. Its not compatible with the North Beach district.

    By the way it will be a private condominium with its own deeds so its not connected in any shape way or form with the hotel. Its a 12-story tower on a tennis court.

  10. No one spoke against the Escape Hotel/Tiffany House and the Commission voted 5-0 in favor of it. So what are you talking about, “Danielle?”

  11. So WHY do CBA members get countless emails, site plans, drc docs, renderings to get the us to show up for Vintro and Grand Birch but no notice or any material at all about the Tiffany House hearing?
    It’s just Politics as Usual……

  12. That’s not true – we had lots of info about Escape Hotel, a meeting about it, and emails. Tell the truth, “Danielle” and if anyone knows about “just politics as usual” it certainly is you, “Danielle.”

  13. 1 This was a small project used as a sacrificial lamb by the commission that wants to build on public land across the street against staff recommendation.
    2 Out of town developer no local muscle
    3 Their attorney questioned the power of the commission by his actions.
    4 The president of the CBA does not live in the CBA area not legal owns unit in the biggest condo on the beach.
    5 The reason by the three given for rejection was the none compatibility issue in an eclectic zoning area by city design!

  14. Did you see the latest now Comm.Trantalis wants all questions/comments from the Paper(larry) (get this) in writing. Why? Maybe because him and Smith are giving the media conflicting answers. One says hasn’t lived there in (3yrs)(Dean). The other one(smith) states that he spends his nights in Trantalis’ guest room. What w/ the 91yr. old mother hiding in the closest. Really Dean. I mean the lies, upon lies, upon lies, its quite obvious their “cover -up” has been a disaster. My sources are now telling me about an incident @ Holiday Park? Remember that Dean? My sources are never wrong. Will see. As far as this whole mess that Dean caused and created. Get out of that chair Dean(Dais -district 2). This Comm. did not deserve this. Mr/ big shot(Dean) has all the answers. Your friends(past/present) are coming to me Dean. Why? Cause they know you are full of chicken poop. Resign Dean. Don’t fine. You will not only answer to the Ethics Comm. How’s the “OIG” sound and the State att.Off. This is an easy one. Both Comm.Trantalis and Rick Smith both belong in jail. It’s coming…..And to Dr.Brothers”(above comment) are you insane? No their was no love triangle, scorned lover etc. I mean really lady…..

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