More Burglary Talk

     Burglaries are a real problem citywide, but the area I live in is inundated!

    …………. So far this year, there has been over 600 burglaries in just the five neighborhoods that run along 13th Street! Amazingly, that accounts for about a third of the burglaries in the whole city.

     ………  So, we decided that we should try and help the Fort Lauderdale Police however we could . We arranged for an anti-crime walk this Friday, Dec. 6th at 6 pm ( meet up with the Mayor and the police at 530 NE 13th Street).

     The irony of the effort? As I was handing out flyers today for the upcoming walk, the police stopped  me (see below). Couldn’t go down numerous streets to hand out the flyers –

                           …………… burglary in process !


                                                       See you Friday?

7 Replies to “More Burglary Talk”

  1. Well well well…….Crime’s hitting an all time high…..
    and who do we have hanging around the tracks, home depot, mc donalds and those old houses off ne 4th avenue????? terry hampton/hall and his good ol’ buddy TODD (the thief)……just saw terry coming off the tracks behind Rinker a half an hour ago. I tell the FLPD that they’re back on the tracks and what happens….? NOTHING! I’m tired of TRYING to help the FLPD. Most of the time they could care less. I’m kinda over it….

  2. THANK YOU Tim, for taking action, and doing something! Lord knows no-one else seems to care. I read the Nextdoor site, and saw no response from the leaders to all the posts regarding burglaries- only posts about what is happening in other parts of the city, and of course , Dixie highway project updates.

  3. Stop beating a dead horse. The police are worthless and lazy and you’re neighborhood is not going to turn around. Just Move!

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