Neighborhood Council President Out!

     It’s the umbrella organization for the neighborhoods in Fort Lauderdale – the Fort Lauderdale Council of Civic Associations, and it’s President, Doug Sterner, was just forced out of office.


                  Here’s the sordid tale – follow closely!

     The coup to oust Sterner as the associations’ head had it’s roots a few years ago, when he and Ron Centamore, another well known neighborhood activist, got mixed up in the City’s Homeless problems.

                                         Ron on right

Ron and Doug initially told the Fort Lauderdale Mayor and Commissioners that the neighborhood they both owned propery in, Progresso Village, would approve of the City placing a homeless feeding facility there.

     Only problems was – they forgot to ask their members!

     Well, the feeding camping didn’t end up coming to Progresso, but most of the association’s members didn’t forget the slight. When they had a chance to remove Sterner as Progresso’s President, they did, and the Council of Civic association’s by- laws say the President must be the appointed person from a neighborhood.

     Exit Sterner! Sterner reportedly resigned without any “drama”.

     The Council’s Vice President, Marily Mammano, will be acting President until an election is held June 12th. Mammano says she will be running for the position.


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