Jog …. Tour

     It was the last of Tim’s Citizens’ tours of the season, combined with the last Jog with Jack ( the Mayor) for the season (until September)..

     We went over to Holiday Park,  where trained professionals (from L.A. Fitness) were there to give us pointers of how to use the park’s many exercise stations.

     It was less painful than you thought – you should’ve come!


      Here we are on our opening stretches, (that’s Commissioner Bruce Roberts’ assistant – Robbi Uptegrove, throwing her hands in the air when she couldn’t understand the beginning exercises!) 


      Much of the kudos for the success of the event goes to Malena Mayea, the “onsite wellness coordinator” for the City, who did most of the organizational work. Here she is … just looking good!

     I took my lessons from the experts from LA Fitness, as prescribed!…Here I am, at age 55, learning the proper way to do a push up!


     Most of the group paid key attention to the program, but some proved you can work-out, and work, both at the same time!

                     guess who?

      In the end, we were all sweaty and feeling proud of ourselves…..   Fortunately, the neighborhood of Middle River Terrace was waiting for us at the finish line with some ice cold water!


                … so how is it that Commissioner Bruce Robert’s assistant Robbi Uptegrove is seen here with a water in a silver can marked Coors? ….. hmmmm

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