Much More On Politics and Religion!

     Remember when Mom advised –  “please don’t talk about politics or religion at the dinner table”?

     She said it would ruin appetites, and lead to discussion, (or something only slightly resembling discussion!)

     Well, she was right. It certainly does get the fur up! And the current manifestation of Mom’s well known axiom is currently playing out in the District IV Fort Lauderdale Commissioner race.

      It pits religious conservative Romney Rogers against liberal new-comer Coleman Prewitt.  Last week, the Roger’s campaign’s “Prayer Coordinator”  sent out an e-mail declaring that “God lifted His mighty hand and allowed Romney to
receive the majority of the vote”, in the primary. The e-mail goes on to plead with supporters to go to the polls on March 10th for the run-off election. It says that God could do His part, but the voters would have to do theirs!

     I reported this on this blog and it drew a lot of attention, to say the least.

     And this evening, an activist,  District IV resident Cal Deal,  has sent around his own comment on the matter, in graphic splendor. 

     But he sent me only a piece of his graphic comment………. Here that is……..


     …….. He says you’ll have to go to his site to get the full view…… If you’re interested, go to 

     If only we’d listen to Mom !!!!

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