Betrayal By A County Commissioner

     As we travel down the road of life, we learn lessons, some the hard way.

  One Certainty!

And one of the most painful lessons we learn, is that you can’t always trust what some tell you!

Most of us learned early on when we tried the “my dog ate the homework” excuse, and the teacher gave us an “F” anyhow!  Then we learned that when the dentist said “It’ll be just a little prick”,  we should steel ourselves for pain!. And when we started buying our automobiles from the car dealership, we learned that the used car salesman only sold cars that were “only driven on Sunday’s by little old ladies”!

Yesterday, a new life lesson was learned by a group of  Fort Lauderdale neighborhoods and a Business Association trying to find a solution to the problems surrounding NE/NW 13th Street.

They were at the County Commission meeting, pushing for an extension of Fort Lauderdale’s Community Redevelopment Agency. The agency’s borders stopped at Sunrise Boulevard, and they knew if they could get it pushed north to 13th Street, help could be on the way.

Enter the area’s County Commissioner Josephus Eggelletion.


     In the weeks prior to the meeting, the area reps had started a discussion with Eggelletion, as he was their Commissioner. He had told them “not to worry”, he would shepherd it through. So imagine the shock when Eggelletion started the conversation at the County meeting by opposing the effort!

Lucky for the neighborhoods, County Vice Mayor Ken Keechl and County Commissioner John Rodstrom jumped in to help. They spoke strongly against Eggelettion’s contrary position, and all but Eggelletion postured in favor and the neighborhood and business group left victorious, and thrilled, but understandably angry with Eggelletion.

Life lesson for Josephus: For your next campaign, don’t wait for the check to be in the mail!

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