More Sculpture Carnage!

                                Statue Soap Opera!

     You regular readers will remember the beautiful African sculptures that have been placed along NE 13th Street over the last 5 years.


     The sculptures are a donation from African importer Ross Parker, through his company Call Of Africa, that has a warehouse on 13th.

     For you newer readers, one of the three original sculptures got demolished by a motorist, who fell asleep and ran off the road a few years back.

              demolished                  and  its’ replacement!

     Well, it has happened again.
     This time, a hit and run at 2:45 am…..  It was called into police, who are now on the hunt for the motorist. 

     Can anybody say drunk driver ??


     This time, only a little portion of the base broke, and here is local fork-lifter Josh Mounts, taking the $35,000 sculpture away to the sick bay for repairs………

     There is a reward out for the latest Statue Smasher  …..  

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