Homeless Tour Recap!

     We should all be very proud of our Homeless Assistance Center on Sunrise Boulevard.

Yesterday, about 25 citizens took  Tim’s Tour of the award winning facility that has taken about 18,000 homeless people off the streets and coddled them back into civilization over the past 15 years. 

                                    the tourees

      The City has had difficult homeless issues for decades, and the shelter has not fixed the whole problem for sure. 

                          Popeye – this morning on Sunrise Blvd.

     But the Center is putting a serious dent in the problem. The Center only admits homeless that are willing to get their lives together.

     The rules at the center are stringent – in by 7:30 pm –  working or preparing to work during the day. 

     Their “clients” each have a Case Worker, who gets to the bottom of the clients’ issues. There are psychologists, medical professionals, and the like, but it is the life skills and needs that seems to make the most difference. 


     They are fed well (except for the donuts!),


     ….they have a choice of lots of nice new clothes ( lots of shoes!), that boost their self esteem and make them more employable, 


   …..  and encouraged to read and learn computer skills.

     One of the most dynamic services is the dental facility. Here is one of the hundreds of before and after pictures that are worth a thousand words – 


     We should all be very proud of our Homeless Center on Sunrise Boulevard !


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