Miracle For Cooper Street

     So,as you learned in my last blog post,  the City of Fort Lauderdale said they would entertain renaming about 100 feet of NE 5th Terrace, off NE 13th Street to …….
                                                   Gerry Cooper’s Way  
  ….. in recognition of the life of the late Gerry Cooper, the City’s largest landlord, who helped start the renaissance of the blighted 13th Street section of the City about a decade ago.

The one wrinkle in the street renaming plan was the $300 for the cost of the sign. Who would pay for it-  (and why are those signs $300 anyway?) The City Commission didn’t seem ready to cough up the $300 out of taxpayer monies, so I put the challenge to you – my loyal readers !!    …… (I love my loyal readers !!)

     Well, you all did pretty good, we raised $265, but the well ran dry. No more pledges were rolling in. We were $35 short of the mark !  What would we do ??

     And then ,
like a mirage in the desert, it appeared!

      An old street sign, thrown into a lot during Hurricane Wilma years ago, and recovered….There it was!


         Now, if the City wants to know who was in the possible illegal possession of the old windblown sign all these years later, they’ll have to start using those enhanced interrogation methods to get me to talk.

      The important thing is – 
 it must be worth the $35 we’re short !….  It must be able to be repainted or something??

      We’ll bring the sign and the $265 to Commission meeting when they formally vote on the renaming soon….. and hope for the best!

                                                        thanks, Tim



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