Pretty soon, if you live anywhere near downtown, and have any money left, you’ll have two new Grocery Stores to shop at!

     These rubble piles, spotted today in the 400 block of North Federal Highway, will soon be magically transformed into a Fresh Market. Fresh Market is a smaller, more upscale grocer than we’re used to, and it’s groceries probably more exensive (if that’s even possible!)  

     The land for the store was once a sparkling Mayhue’s Liquors ( remember back then?), and a collection of other odds and ends including the Dolph Map company. The lands changed hands throughout the years, and the last owner, taxi magnate Jesse Gaddis, sold the land to Fresh Market. The market will be in the Victoria Park neighborhood.

                                                   today’s rubble  =  tomorrow’s yum yums!

     The pictures below depict one of the Fresh Market’s models, inside and out.




     The other new Grocer will be on the land pictured below.


     The land is in the Northwest part of the City, at NW 7th Ave and Sistrunk Boulevard. The City bought the land decades ago and tore down the ramshackle houses for Urban Revitalization. The land has sat fallow for decades.

      A few months back, the Milton Jones family, that has controlled the land for much of that time, got approvals and pulled permits for a new, discount grocery store called Save-a-lot.


The construction will start when the permits are issued. Expect it any decade!

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