Joggin with Jack !

    Mayor Jack Seiler wants YOU ! 

    …… to join him in a workout ! ….  Seiler’s newest effort promotes a healthy Fort Lauderdale. He says he well knows that it is “easy to say, but not the easiest to do”. So he plans on “walking the walk”, literally, not just “talking the talk”. 

                     Here’s the deal !

      Jack invites you to come along on his new work-out plan. He figures he can get healthy, meet new citizens, and inspect the neighborhoods, all at the same time. His first jog/walk workout will be next Monday, Oct. 18th, at 7 P.M……  Meet at Huizenga Plaza at Las Olas and Andrews.

     Now, just in case you don’t think you can keep up, cut the mustard, here’s a picture Jack jogging! ( and this was back when he was in shape!)             
                                                         “Joggin” Jack
      And if you need more proof, I’ll be jogging along side Jack – and here’s what that tortured view looks like !

                                                               barely jogging Tim

      Some of the areas health professionals will be there to warm us up with stretches first.   And to keep us all safe, Chief Frank Adderley will be jogging along with us.

     The Mayor will also have staff along, so if you tell him about a problem to fix, or you have a great idea that he’ll want to investigate, someone will be there to put it all down.  

     Here’s how Seiler’s staff will come along – 

                                       Oceanview Rickshaws will carry the secretary !   .. thanks Jay  

     And if your idea of exercise is by bicycle, or skates, or pogo stick, just come along as you like.

     And if you need more motivation, the 2 mile course will wind through the Historic neighborhood of Sailboat Bend and end here – 


                           Tarpon Bend…..where a tall frosty one will await all who complete the course!

           ….. for more info, e-mail me at , or call the Mayor’s office.


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