It’s Time To Vote – For Something !

                     Name That Vision !!! 

     That’s right, the finalists have been picked, now it’s time for you to vote! Do your civic duty !!

     You’ll remember ( I hope!),  that  Fort Lauderdale’s project to let the citizens have a say in the City’s future has begun ( preliminary interviews, findiing the issues, choosing the meeting sites etc.), but that elusive name for the effort  has not yet been decided on.

     Last month, you, and over 100 of your neighbors submitted their ideas for a great name for the effort, and the advisory/steering committee for the Vision effort has chosen four finalist for you to choose from  ….

                         Here are the four finalists!

         Fort Lauderdale, Forward Focused
     Vision Fort Lauderdale – Dream it, Do it !

     Fort Lauderdale – Our City, Our Vision

        Fort Lauderdale – Future in Focus

   …….  In order to vote for your favorite, you can go to the City’s web site, or just click on the link ( the word vote below) –  and vote ! It’s that easy ! 


                                See you on the Vision trail …..   Tim


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