Can She Save The L.O. Post Office ?

     Robin Merrill, of  Mission Gifts, is always a woman with a mission! 

   But today, her mission is a little different than usual – she’s trying to save the Las Olas branch of the United States Post Office from closing. And if energy means anything, it just might stay open!

                          Las Olas Post Office branch – 1400 block of E. Las Olas

     The station dates back to the 1940’s, according to Marilyn Rathbun of the Fort Lauderdale Historical Society, and is an integral part of the Colee Hammock neighborhood it resides in.

     But this year, as part of the restructuring of the USPS, all locations that gross less than $600,000 a year are being slated for possible closing. The Las Olas branch grosses about $500,000, so they are now in the middle of an evaluation that will take 60 days to see if they should be on the hatchet list.

     Merrill says the community needs and the importance of the stations are also being taken into account, so Merrill is telling anyone and everyone who will listen about the importance of the L.O. station

     Merrill owns and runs the Christian Cultural Development Foundation, which is located a bit east of the Post Office on Las Olas. The non-profit foundation, and its Mission Gifts and Art Gallery on Las Olas, sells fair trade items from around the world and furthers its belief in social justice and curbing global poverty.

     She says all the businesses and residents rely on this station, and love the fact that they can walk to it.

                                                    Merill Mailing !

     Merill has set up a Facebook account, Save the Las Olas Post Office, and wants you to visit the site and “like it” so she can show the USPS the positive responses. She also has a website ” ” and asks if you will write and call your Congressman and Senators! You can reach Robin Merrill at 954-828-1505.

                             Good Luck Robin !        

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