In the Movies?

      Just returned home after a brisk morning walk along Las Olas.

      I was a bit groggy still, but saw a bright light in the distance  …


     By golly, the road was closed, lots of people roaming about with lights …. cameras….action !


      Geez, I thought  ……  I’m about to be an extra in a movie!

             So I looked for her …..


      I figured if I snuck around behind her, I would be in some important scene….   but she was nowhere to be seen!

               Then I spotted this guy with the radio  ….

      Where are the stars, I asked. What movie are you shooting?

      It’s an FPL commercial pal  ….  please move along  ……


2 Replies to “In the Movies?”

  1. Sorry you got your hopes up Tim. Jennifer lawerence huh. Speaking of star struck call Jose Lambert(gossip queen columnist for the Miami Herald). Have him release the file photo of me and Channing Tatum in speedos in front of “Twist” in South Beach years ago. Like my mother used to say he takes his clothes off and becomes a movie star, while you take your clothes off for a few bucks. Right……

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