Wanna Look Hot at 70 ?

     We are all about to celebrate the holidays and eat too much!

      My friend Amy Jones Hamilton, long time President of the Laudergate Isles Civic Association (just east of Federal Highway and north of Sunrise Boulevard), was telling me about a great new program that can keep off the poundage and stay in shape right thru next year…..

     Amy says that if you are no longer a spring chicken, than this is the ticket  …..


      And if you doubt that Amy knows what she is talking about,  just take a look at what the new 70 looks like !!


      Amy’s sweet husband Joel was in this picture ( that’s his left ear), but I cropped him out so we could see more of Amy !

     Keep up the good work !


                    P.S. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you all  …..

8 Replies to “Wanna Look Hot at 70 ?”

  1. Merry Christmas Tim(& to Jr.) Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Excerise is the key to well being people. When my mother died I was holding my pants up w/ safety pins @ her funeral mass(that was then , this is now). During this past year I stated to myself pick your self up Boob( my mother/father nickname for me along w/ ‘sucker-boy’-I miss them). Get your ass together ,get to that gym, have that Nero-psch put you on PED’s and get moving. I went from 147 pounds(skin over bones) to a heathy 178(pure 100% Irish/Italian muscle). Remember people esp. on Christmas God helps those , who help themselves. The only draw back is the dieting. I gave up a lot of sodium. I’m more salt, than sweet. Honestly, if you put a card-board box if front of me and shook some salt over it, Id probably eat it. Pushin fifty is nifty. What’s next, who knows. There is nothing I can’t do. My motto(take note) is two(2) fold. #1 refuse to loose. #2 whatever it takes, it takes. Many thanks also to close to a lot of you who care about me. Although I got your backs(and how)…

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