Need Cocaine ?


                    So you’re guessing that this is another post about crime in the hood?


     This time, it’s cocaine dealing … on the beach!

                                                    At Beach Place !!!

     Last Thursday, Fort Lauderdale’s Nuisance Abatement Board took the beaches’ number one entertainment spot under control for continuing drug problems.

     Here are some colorful excerpts from the undercover cops reports as they bought cocaine and marijuana at Beach Place……

        …….  I carried $40 obtained from investigative funds for the purpose of purchasing illegal narcotics …. being sold in the area of Beach Place  …. a heavy set black male wearing a black shirt and an orange hat ….. heavy set white male with blonde hair ….. carrying a black back pack ….. wearing a black t-Shirt and blue jean shorts  ….. white female wearing a pink tank top …. said, I got snowflakes ….after examining the substance  … I knew this white substance to be cocaine.

     Beach Place admitted to the ongoing drug problems at their establishment and agreed to multiple corrective actions.

     The Nuisance Abatement Board has State sanctioned authority to place controls on nuisance properties including closing them down …….

                               I’ll keep you informed ….. Tim

12 Replies to “Need Cocaine ?”

  1. Let’s see….. We have a beach that is in a tourist area with practically no lighting, due to turtle regulations. Residents and tourists don’t feel safe walking around and low and behold you have crime. What type of public safety issues have to occur before something is done about this terrible lighting?

  2. Beach Place seems pretty bright to me. I do not think that people are dealing coke there due to low turtle lighting. I think that is a stretch or just a useful excuse to complain about the turtle law.

  3. Yes, you are correct – this is a stretch and a useful excuse to grumble about turtle lighting. Any opportunity I can utilize to advocate for better beach lighting is one not to be missed. I will even resort to sarcasm if necessary. But crime has historically been categorized as “shady” or filled will “shady characters” – a direct correlation to the absence of quality lighting. Yes, brazen crime takes place in broad daylight but the majority of criminal enterprise operates within the shadow of the law. So whether its an allegorical or a historical reference , crime and lighting are forever linked in diametrical opposition.

  4. Tim, You working for the Sun Sentinel now? You seem to be giving them worthy news stories. They published this new this past weekend. Go figure! MPR

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