I Went, I Saw, I Clunked!

     I  made it just under the wire!

     In the closing minutes of the government’s Cash For Clunkers program, I Clunked!


     It made perfect sense for me to Clunk, Afterall, behind my back ( and sometimes right up front) my best friends and family whisper things like “geesh, Tim has a lot of Clunkers“, and “has Tim bought a car that was built in this century?”, and ” I sure hope Tim has Triple A” !

     So, after procrastinating until the very last second, I pulled the trigger. It was hard to decide which Clunker I could part with from my fleet of Clunkers, but I did the eeny,meeny,miny,moe thing and it was done!

     Here is our car salesman “Rusty” ,  (he introduced himself as “Rusty, like a nail”), tagging my old Ford Ranger with it’s death sentence – “Cash for Clunker”, do not resuscitate!


     The deal was not to be believed. The MSRP for our new Nissan was close to $17,000. We were ready to leave the dealership, as due to our frugal nature we had decided to spend about $10,000, after the Clunking. The Clunk only brought us down to $12,500, but Rusty wanted a deal. We settled on $10,400!

We’re now down one Clunker, with this in it’s place:


                               So, gracious thanks to whoever made this possible:  the Taxpayers, the Congress, the White House?

                                                           We promise to hang on to this until it becomes a Clunker!

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