I Flew …Was I Groped or Grabbed?

     …..  I flew home to Fort Lauderdale the day after Thanksgiving expecting a thorough groping. 
                                                  arriving in Fort Lauderdale 

     Here’s what happened!

     As usual, I was running late. I was in Georgia at my mountain hide-a-way, and Cindy was chirping at me,  …… “hurry up, you’re late …. as usual ! “  …..

     But as luck would have it, as I sped down the mountain road, a gigantic tree blocked the only way out . I ran back to the cabin and grabbed a chain saw. I zipped, chopped and made mincemeat of the tree, but it looked like I’d never make it in time –

     ….. but what troubled me much more – I was reeking of GASOLINE ! …. there was no time to go back and change. I would have to head for the airport smelling like a human bomb…. 

     People were sniffing me, I was sure….. But somehow, I sailed right through! … No gropes, no grabs, nothing but a nice smile and a “have a nice day!”.

     Not everyone was as lucky though.

                                        they were checkin  ’em from the rear

                                                 checkin ’em from the front

     And then there was the terrorist   …..


     I caught up with him on the way to the gate. He had been checked nine ways from Sunday…. bags opened …  front and rear check-ups  …wanding … bending… anything they could think of  ….  He met the profile! …. 

    …… But he told me it happens to him everytime … then he said ” I don’t care, anything to keep us safe!”  

     Now there’s a good sport !


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