Groping…Pat Downs…. Yada Yada Yada

     I watch too much cable TV.

If I see one more goob saying they were sexually assaulted by the TSA, I’m going to scream. I’ve just searched the web, aggressively looking for any groping evidence, any sexual assaults, even a passing grab, but it’s just not there.
     Mostly, I found myself feeling sorry for the TSA folks! As I scanned through hundreds of pat down pics, let’s just say I didn’t find myself lusting to grope most of the flying public !

                                               I bet his buddies rib him bad !

     I did find it strange that the protocols called for a brief prayer prior to the pat down.

                                                     Dear Lord, please don’t let my hands stray!     

     Anyway, you don’t need to place yourself in the danger zone of the totally trained touchers. Just place your privates in the cold, unfeeling machine. 


     But I get what you’re worried about …..

                                        does this make my butt look big?


     I think it’s crazy –  all much ado about nothing. I could only find one picture that I think crosses the line.


                          And I have to fly on Friday !!!!



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