Hutchinson Temporarily Removed From Riverwalk

     Former Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner Cindi Hutchinson has been “temporarily” removed from her job as President and Director  of the Riverwalk Trust.

     The move comes as a reaction to Hutchinson’s arrest last week on public corruption charges.


The removal is temporary”, says Mark Budwig, Chairman of the Board of the Trust, while Hutchinson “attends to personal matters” (we all know what those matters are!) Hutchinson will be paid while on a 30 day administrative leave.

     Budwig added that Cindi has done an “outstanding job” as Director of the Trust, and when asked if he expects her to return, he strongly said he did.

Chair Budwig , Cindi,  and George Mihaiu ( publisher of Go Riverwalk magazine)

     The Director position at the Trust has been “temporarily” filled by dynamo and city activist Genia Ellis.

     The move was made official just this morning, and Ellis’s name already replaces Cindi’s on the Trust’s web site. But as of this morning, you still hear Hutchinson’s voice mail message if you hit the President’s extension- 202 -when calling the Trust.

     Ellis is best known as the long term President of the Council of Fort Lauderdale Civic Associations, but has spent the last few years in many other volunteer endeavors including working at the Riverwalk Trust. Most observers I’ve talked to think Ellis is the perfect fit for this Interim appointment. Budwig says bringing in Ellis ” assures a smooth transition” for the Trust.

     Ellis could not be reached for comment for this story! ( but she can’t hide forever!)

     Thirty days falls on March 9th – we’ll check back in then … 

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