Frank Stranahan Speaking Sunday !!!

     I know this sounds crazy!

     But our City turns 100 years old next month, so this coming Sunday afternoon, at the monthly meeting of the Middle River Terrace Neighborhood Association, some very famous, but very dead Fort Lauderdalians will be coming back from the past to share some historical tidbits – and you’re invited!


                                                Frank and Ivy Stranahan
      Frank Stranahan ( who you’ll think bears an uncanny resemblance to Mayor Jack Seiler) will be there to tell us why he jumped in the river !

                                             mysteries finally solved !

     And former Mayor Virginia Shuman Young, though she’s been gone for decades, will be there also.
     You might think Young looks an awful lot like Commissioner Charlotte Rodstrom, but Rodstrom hair isn’t stark white and it’s not up in a bun! We’ll have to ask Young what it feels like to be the only female Mayor of Fort Lauderdale (to present!)

                                          after the 1926 hurricane
      You’ll hear fascinating facts about our City, from the first Doctor who cut off limbs with a hacksaw, to the hair brained scheme to drain the everglades, to the man who got stabbed with fingernail clippers at Joe’s Bar! Other famous historical figures will also join ( and they’ll look a bit like some current people you know also

     And after the historic greats entertain and enlighten us and disappear back to the past, 

                                                  ( picture courtesy of Art Seitz)
    our current elected officials, Jack Seiler and Charlotte Rodstrom, will show up and answer a few questions from the crowd about our fair city.

     And wait…wait…. there’s more !  ..  get there at 4 pm,
     ………………….   eat free pizza

                           Place: Middle River Terrace Park
                             1329 N. Dixie Highway

                  this Sunday, Feb.13th – 4 p.m. – 5 p.m.

                               ( e-mail questions to





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