High Priced Harry

     Lots going on in the City of Fort Lauderdale! 

     Thank you all for participating on this blog –  speaking your mind. (no cursing please!)

      Today, there was a contentious City Commission meeting. Part of the contention surrounded a new development for the City Attorney, Harry Stewart.

You might recall that Stewart decided to call it quits as City Attorney at the beginning of this year, (opting out, for a bonus for retiring early). Stewart has been the City Attorney for about a dozen years, and is the highest paid employee in the City ( I’ll tell you how much in a minute – I don’t want you fainting just yet!)

     The rationale for paying Stewart the big bundle is that he is one of the best and the brightest. Few dispute that. And the best and brightest saves the City an even bigger bundle in lawsuit savings.

                                     Steward with lesser paid Manager Lee Feldman!

Today, the Fort Lauderdale City Commission officially asked Stewart to stick around a little longer while they looked for his replacement, but it didn’t come without some friction. The Commission thinks it will take a few months to find his replacement.

     Now as we’ve said, Stewart makes a serious pile of cash as City Attorney. The discussion today was  – is it worth it to keep Harry on board for a few months, or should the Commission just say goodbye now!

                                             pile of cash

The decision was 4-1. Keep Harry around. 

    Charlotte Rodstrom strongly says no!

     Rodstrom charged Mayor Seiler with working “outside the Sunshine”. Rodstrom said she was pissed, said she was annoyed at the process! Told her colleagues that they could “beat up on her” all they wanted.

     Commissioner Rogers spoke. Rodstrom interrupted. Rogers says to Rodstrom –  “you’re cutting me off, I didn’t interrupt you”.

The Commission decides to keep Harry on a month -to- month basis. 

    Are you sitting down?

 This last year, 12 months of Stewart’s salary and benefits costs the City

Hopefully they can find Stewart’s replacement quickly – another best and brightest – ( only cheaper).





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