Freedom From Speech!

     He is Charlie King. By day a realtor.

    But at night, he turns into the King, the King of Criticism. You might have caught him lambasting the Fort Lauderdale City Commission on Government TV ( Channel 78) during Citizen Input , or you may have somehow landed on his sharp-tongued e-mail blasts. King reprints articles he finds in magazines and newspapers and sends them out to people with added stinging criticisms (mostly of government and it’s officials).


     But this week, more of King’s blast recipients have asked to be taken off his lists.

     King first drew attention last year when he strongly opposed stretching the street name, Sistrunk Boulevard, down to Federal Hwy. after the streets’ renovations.


     “Sistrunk Boulevard is probably the scariest street in Broward County “, King said, and added “I always thought Confederate Highway instead of Federal Highway had a nice ring to it”.

     That item led to King also criticizing some of the poorest in Fort Lauderdale – “what I have a problem with is  ….subsidized poor people”. King mused that maybe poor people should move out of Fort Lauderdale, “get out there on I-95 and start looking for a place where the cost of living and opportunity are right“, he said.

     I banned King from commenting on this blog earlier this year, and also asked him to stop sending me his missives. Others have followed suit. One well known activist ( who won’t want me to name him) had King remove him from the list, and said King responded “OK, but I’m not letting you back on”.

     This week, ace reporter Bob Norman sent King his own e-mail “Charlie, you’re sending me too much nonsense, please take me off your list”,  and Werner Kettelhack of SE Toyota  added himself to the growing list of those wanting off of King’s lists.



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