Detectives’ Dream

     This is an important addition to our last post. 

     All the comments have been positive. Even Mayor Seiler and the Chief of Police were inspired by a couple of citizens that got involved to try and catch a burglar!  (Of course there was that one snarky Captain, but you can’t please everyone!)

                                                       Adderley and Seiler

     So, here is a very brief review, and an amazing update!

     1.) ……  resident sees stranger in neighbors’ back yard trying to break into home  …….  resident takes strangers’ picture as he speeds away on Moped …..  puts picture and burglar warning on neighborhood interactive website …..


          2.)  ……  a Thrift Store just blocks up the street has customer looking for Moped parts only minutes after store owner finishes reading the neighborhood warning!  …..   Store owner thinks it is the burglary suspect! Suspect leaves phone number in case store got any moped parts.. ( you can’t make this stuff up!)

          3.)  …….. Thrift Store owner plays P.I. and follows possible burglar until suspect goes into house….  Now sleuths have the possible burglars’ picture,  phone number and  address ! … Police are given the important information.


    4.)  …. the next day the suspect returns to the Thrift Store and   ……ready for this? .... tries to sell a camera! .. ( camera is one item listed as taken in burglary).

     5.)   ….. Thrift store owner is amazed, but has the presence of mind to film the action !



      6.) Now the Police might just have the suspects’ picture, phone number, address, and a video of him trying to sell a suspected stolen camera!

              ……….  No word yet if an arrest has been made …..

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