Citizen Crime Fighters

     John Cox was home, gazing out at the Middle River in his Middle River Terrace home in Fort Lauderdale, when a stranger jumped over the fence into his back yard.


     Middle River Terrace has a burglary problem, with a burglary rate 78% higher than it was in 2005. So when someone jumped the fence into Johns’ backyard, he flew into action.

      John hurried out back, and the stranger, startled, jumped back over the fence into the neighbors’ yard. John grabbed his camera and was lucky enough to snap this picture of the stranger getting onto his moped.


    Now John didn’t think the burglar had gotten into his neighbor’s house, so he didn’t call the Police, but sat down to warn the neighbors on the neighborhoods’ interactive web site.

     A few minutes later,  the stranger on his moped pulled up to the neighborhood thrift store, Oddballs Nifty Thrift, looking for some parts for his moped. The store didn’t have any, but the stranger left his phone number in case they got some.


     The owner of the shop, Tim Smith,  just happened to be checking out the neighborhoods’ interactive web site as the stranger was leaving!

                                                              Tim Smith

     “OMG“, Tim said out loud. “That’s the burglar! “.

     Tim lept outside, jumped in his truck and called John Cox. “I just followed the burglar and know where he lives. Meet me at the store and we’ll call the Cops!”

     So the cops arrived, and as it turned out, the stranger had gotten into the neighbors’ house. He had looted it of the owners’ laptop, camera, etc. all stuffed into the owners’ own backpack that the burglar wore as he sped away on the moped.

      The Cops took over the investigation, John went home, Tim went back to work.

     Citizen Crime Fighters – got to love ’em !

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