City Request from County …. a Million Bucks Please!

     A week from today, June 5th, the Fort Lauderdale City Commission

                                     has a request on the agenda of the

  Broward County Commission
, for some hefty bucks!

     The request is for the money left in the County’s expired Redevelopment fund, only earmarked for Broward Cities’ CRAs (areas that need help) that have never got any of that funding. 

     Enter Fort Lauderdale’s new CRA, MRSMRSB ( sounded out it’s – misses, misses, B !)

     You know MRSMRSB as the 13th Street area of Fort Lauderdale.

     For decades, it was the City’s crack and whore district. Those problems have been substantially fixed, but the area is still devoid of decent commercial and residential redevelopment.

     The million bucks would reshape the area’s business district into user friendly condition, with wider sidewalks, nice lighting, on-street parking etc., a draw for new business.


     The area is ripe and ready for these improvements, and it needs your help!

                   Here’s your assignment ….  if you please!

     Send an e-mail to the County Commissioners (now would be a great time , and ask them to please fund Fort Lauderdale’s new CRA, MRSMRSB’s Complete Streets project, so they can have a business district that works! ( but put it in your own brilliant words of course !)

     Here is a link to their e-mails addresses ! …  send it to all of them if you can find the time  …….  thanks



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