Blowin in the Wind

                                                          Blowin in the Wind


How many days til the hurricanes come

                                              And blow Shippey House to the sea?

                                              And much more history will we save

                                              If this one goes sailing the breeze

                                              The answer my friend is …….

                                      Shippey needs to be set on a foundation NOW !!!

Whether you  were for or against the move of the Shippey House from Sailboat Bend to its current location in the historical district,  today’s efforts should be to get that house secured to the ground.!

     Don’t you think?

     Here is a picture of the recreated first Fort Lauderdale School House that sits about 50 feet away from the “soon to be airborne” Shippey.

 The answer my friend ……   is us!

        If you want to help, go to the site and donate, or call the Mayor and Commissioners and ask them what can be done.

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