Challenge To All Fort Lauderdale Candidates


This is an actual  challenge to all the fine women and men who have filed to run for the Fort Lauderdale City Commission  ….Dean, Charlotte, Bruce, Heather, Chad, George, Lester, Steve, Robert, Marie, Donna, Walter, Ben, Warren, and me ….

……. Keep open this Sunday, November 19th, at 9 am  ( details below)




This is the filthy Main Library, right in the middle of our downtown… ……this morning, it looked even worse than this older photo…

It is certainly, totally unacceptable to us all, but because it is the County’s property, it stays looking this way, with dozens of troubled people using it as an unsanitary  “tent city” ….




So why don’t we, who are  asking  to serve the City, start this Sunday by cleaning up this disaster   …..  I will bring bags, gloves, mulch, a couple of rakes and good spirit ( and coffee) ….. You bring some of your supporters …. ( and Dean, wear work clothes 🙂

I am calling Henderson Health, BARC, and the Homeless Assistance Center today to see if they will attend and maybe start the process of alleviating these sad folks of their homeless status ….

Let’s show the citizens that we wanna-be politicians have a little more than just hot air !!!

I hope all see all you candidates ( and all the rest of you) on Sunday ……. Tim


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  1. This library is a treasure, one of our few historically designated civic buildings. It has a long and storied, well documented history. Build by architect Robert Gatje, a protege of Marcel Breuer, it is a stunning mix of bauhaus and brutalist architecture. You can learn more about this building at:

    That it has been allowed to deteriorate to the point where it is the center of Homeless street life is a tragedy. The very least we can do is help clean up the accumulating trash and refuse that litters the building. I’ll come on Sunday, hope others can make it too.

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