The Beach This Morning

…. So I took off early this morning for the beach and my daily run …..  I knew the beach would be busy, with the Boat Show, but I figured if I got there really early, I could park, run, and fly!

…… So I headed for  the City lot, where I usually put in my  two dollars and run !


What ?  ….. $20 at my usual $2 City lot !  ….. geez …

Alright, not doing that, let’s ride around  –


Well that’s just confusing !



It’s getting worse !



….and worser !




…. now that’s almost vulgar !!




I could Valet here at the Swimming Hall Of Fame   ….. forget about it !



OK, I get it……  then I drove further north  …



A good ole’ meter  …. I parked !



I ran down to see what was making parking so ungodly expensive  …




You can smell the money !




I want the OctoPussy Yacht … only a gazillion dollars !



maybe I’ll buy these $50 flip flops ….. NOT !


OK, that all made me unusually tired, I’m going to McDonalds for a $1 Senior Coffee  !




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Paid for and approved by the Tim Smith Campaign for Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner Districe 2



5 Replies to “The Beach This Morning”

  1. Honest to God Tim i share your sentiment its just plain greed.This is price gouging.This is Mayor Seiler.Comm.Bruce Roberts and his campaign manager Judy Stern.Just look at Roberts donors.All Stern lobby friends.No, go with either Dean or Charlotte.Sorry you had to experience this this morning Tim.Greed.Unreal.City manager must go for starters….Get busy Tim…

  2. What concerns me is the price at the city lot.Thats across from Sebastian st beach.I to have parked there many times to walk the dog.As you stated its convient.Like i stated previous this is price gouging.No different say during Irma and you paying 10.00 bucks for a gallon of water.Mr.Feldman will state i can change the price and rates etc.anytime i desire.The Hell u can.Im gonna nail his ass.Oh he knows it.He smell it in the air his days are numbered.He is like (feldman) Hyman Roth from the Godfather except he ain.t got Johnny O backing him.Oh i know Lee you got Comm.Roberts.Keep him Bruce.When your bounced out of the Primary blame him and Judy.Plan on filing criminal complaint.That was terrible what you experienced this am.He wants to suck it to the tourist and people out west and from other cities fine Hyman.Then give the residents that apply a decal for their car and they pay the normal rate.Not this suckerboy(hi guys) inflated rate.Oh i know Lee mr.big shot payin those senior man.fellows(his and that whore now at DDA) over 100g per year.Make sure you take them with you.Along with Bruce,Mayor Seiler and Judy Stern(what Jack u gonna get the grizzly bear _(ahearn) after me.I blame Seiler for alot of this mess as well(run,run to mommie).im only good for protecting her ar the church(those interested asj Chief Marvel aka Magelione(hi_you know me you know im gonna nail every one if them).Keep up the good wirk Tim.Encourage debates with your other canidates…

  3. Those that are interested in my PIo request in reference to Comm.Bruce Roberts history with the city can inquiry for copy call or email city clerk off and give them reference #481-2017.Also all details will be in the Paper in December when a profile of all mayoral canidates will be published.

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