Activist Gone Wild !

                                    Politics 101, Subsection 2, Line 4 :

                There are some activists that you should try and never piss off! 

     And today, for City Commissioner Cindi Hutchinson, that basic rule of political survival is being tested by a man named Cal Deal. Deal is a long time neighborhood activist that has made a mission out of stopping Hutchinson’s current mayoral run. Deal’s antipathy towards Hutchinson began years ago, when Deal says Hutchinson “played dumb, misled, and tried to cover up her involvement” when a local businessman got permission to turn a City green median into a parking area that would benefit his organization. And it’s just gone downhill from there.

     Deal has a website solely devoted to the demise of Hutchinson. He says he is just  “waiting for her to drop out of the City’s mayoral race”. 

     Today Deal added the following video to his website, which shows Commissioner Christine Teel publicly accusing someone on the Commission [Hutchinson] of violating their new ethics law.

                                   to see the video ….. click here –                

     Deal says he is not letting up, and by the looks of his website,, it appears that is so. Hutchinson Campaign Manager Stephen Gaskill, is reported to not be concerned with Deal and his antics. But for Hutchinson – yikes! –  that’s got to hurt.



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