Will the Beach Lawsuit Go Forward ?

This is an update to a post we did some months back about a lawsuit against a civic group, ( the Central Beach Alliance that represents the residents of the Fort Lauderdale Beach.

The CBA is being sued by a developer that is trying to build a condo on the beach, but is being thwarted by some beach residents that don’t want it to be built.

The odd thing is –  the group that is trying to stop the new condo is not the CBA, but a condo adjacent to the proposed condo that fears losing views, having  heavy traffic, etc.,  – the RRG.

That group, that named itself the  RRG, (residents for responsible growth), is represented by Roth Davies, LLC, and has been reported to say that they can sue and hold up the new proposed condo for 3 to 5 years just by filing a lawsuit.


So, the CBA has been brought into the suit,  and is crying foul, because although they initially joined the suit as a complainant, dropped their involvement just days after joining the suit.

Their President, John Weaver, has asked the City Commission to hold up a request by the developer, to deny an extension to the developers approvals at this Tuesday’s CC meeting,  unless the lawsuit against the CBA is dropped  ….

…… lots of drama, and confusion  – I’ll keep you informed   ….  Tim



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