Who’s Fort Lauderdale backing for President?

     Who are the rich and famous of Fort Lauderdale backing for President of the United States?

     It’s a bit complicated.

     First off, many people keep that choice a secret. You can ask (as I’ve done), but many will just tell you it’s none of your business, and they may be right. Also, some of the richest and most famous back more than one candidate, just in case!

     But thanks to the Internet, if you’ve given a Presidential candidate (or two) more than $200, your name, occupation, address, and shoe size are there for the discovery! All together, large donors in Fort Lauderdale have given about a Million Dollars, spent nearly evenly among the Democratic and Republican candidates, according to current Internet records.

     And here’s what it’s looking like so far…. on the Democratic side,

 though seemingly catching fire on the National stage, hasn’t lit so much as a brushfire here in Fort Lauderdale among the big donors. His known local support comes from former Fort Lauderdale Commissioner Tim Smith, well- known local architects Anthony Abbate, Don Singer, and Dan Fee, civic activists Joe Holland and Cal Deal, historic preservationist Diane Smart, and attorney Mitchell Berger. He has also gotten big donations from Neil Sterling  and George Platt,(Broward County lobbyists),  but they both are hedging their bets and giving to multiple candidates ,herein referred to as MD (Multiple Donors).


 seems to be the big favorite among the City’s powerful. John and Charlotte Rodstom have been their most vocal fans among elected officials, having held a fundraiser at their Las Olas Isles home. Also in the Clinton camp include attorneys Don McCloskey, Greg Durden, George Platt (MD), Dick Coker, John Milledge, Robert Lochrie, and former Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner Dean Trantalis. The developers include Ramola Motwani (beach),  Michael Shiff (Las Olas),  and Alan Hooper (downtown). The  realtors include Jackie Scott and Linda Bird, and well known VIP’s include Jim Kane (pollster),  Jack Abdo (Bank of Atlantic)  Neil Stirling (MD), Alan Levy, Geri Udell, Judy Stern (political consultant) Jim McKinley, and Elizabeth Buntrock (cousin of Wayne Huizenga) (MD).


  had quite a bit of support of the elite, with large donations from Michael Egan (former owner of Alamo Rent-a-Car), Russ Klenet (lobbyist) and attorneys Russ Adler (MD) and Ira Marcus, and also got money from multiple donors Platt, Buntrock, and Judy Stern.


  Edwards saw support from former political candidates Fred Haddad, Ken Cooper, and Bradford Cohen, attorney Jon Krupnick and VIP’s James Cummings and Elizabeth Buntrock (MD).

…….and on the Republican side


  has seen big donations from attorneys Russ Adler  (MD), and Don Hall, realtor Ted Drum, and VIP’s Randy Avon and Clay King.


  was the favorite of Wayne Huizenga, Mike Maroone (auto dealerships), James Blosser, (who raised $100,000 for George Bush)  and VIP’s Fred Guardabasi and George Morgan (shopping center developer).


  saw donations from local bigshots Terry Stiles and William Schere, and attorney Russ Adler (MD) . 


  was the favorite of anti-gay activist Margaret Hostetter, and was recently endorsed by Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle.


  received  a donation from Naugle (MD).


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