Where’s Bobby Dubose?


      I could never find Waldo when reading those books to my child years ago, and I had no more luck finding Commissioner Bobby Dubose at an important meeting last night in Wilton Manors.

     For some background, Fort Lauderdale Commissioner Bobby Dubose has announced that he is resigning his City Commission seat to run for the Florida House of Representatives – District 94.

     Last nights’ meeting that Dubose missed was held by Rep. Perry Thurston ( who is term limited out of District 94  and running for Attorney General). Thurston organized this first LGBT town hall meeting in Wilton Manors – discussing State issues important to the gay community., which make up a large voting bloc.


     District 94 (in yellow) is unofficially seen as the House seat created so an African American would more or less be guaranteed a seat in Tallahassee, but the District also includes a part of Plantation, a sizable chunk of Fort Lauderdale (where I live), most of Wilton Manors, and an important swath of Oakland Park.

      The race for the House seat already has four African Americans in the race, so I expected Dubose would be at this meeting……. so I searched!

                 ….Was he here on stage with the other bigshots?

                              Nan Rich (running for Gov.), Senator Maria Sachs, Rep. Sobel, Rep. Thurston,
                                       Wilton Manors
Vice Mayor Carson and Comm. Green, activist Michael Rajner

                                                         Nope not there!

        I did find the back of the head of county Commissioner Tim Ryan and the only Republican in the room, County Commissioner Chip LaMarca.


                                                        But no Dubose!

     Two other of the announced candidates for District 94 were there. Lauderdale Lakes Commission Levoyd Williams, and Eric Alexander Fowler II.

                                                       Levoyd Williams

      Maybe Dubose had a good reason for the no show, I haven’t heard.  Another candidate for the seat, Jimmy (O’Glory) Witherspoon, wasn’t in attendance either.

      But any candidate that can convince the voters in Plantation, Wilton Manors, Oakland Park, (and the neighborhoods where I live), that they will also be represented in Tallahassee could win the day!

     Maybe even a candidate from that area could win the day!


                                                 Witherspoon and Dubose ( elsewhere)

                                                                                            Tim Smith






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