Water Smart ….. Criminals Dumb!

     Criminals always get caught sooner or later, but now maybe sooner in the crime-ridden neighborhood of South Middle River!


Yestereday, there was a demonstration at the Fort Lauderdale Police Station of their newest crime fighting tool – and it is the future !

     It’s a product, new to the United States, called SmartWater, and the picture portrays a criminal ( not a real one) after having been squirted with the Water!

     The liquid has invisible (except under black light), DNA-like identifiers in it.

     Five hundred bottles of the space-age liquid will be distributed free of charge, to crime-racked homeowners in South Middle River ….and they will swab a dab on all their valuables. Each bottle has its’ own identifiers, and if a crook snags the valuables, and tries to pawn them – snap – they’re arrested, and the ill-gotten goods are returned to the lawful owner.

     The liquid can also be used in a “bait car”, or “trap house”, and the liquid gets squirted right on the criminal, so expect to see Cops blacklighting suspects on the streets of South Middle River!


     Chief Adderley and Mayor Seiler introduced the new program yesterday at the P.D.. They also announced that the company Smartwater CSI, has set up their national headquarters right here in Fort Lauderdale!

     Nice job everyone!

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